Professional People-Gatherer


What is event consulting?

Let’s be real - as a brand or business owner, you don’t have time to meticulously plan events yourself. Luckily, Events by AW is here to make your life easier by providing guidance, resources, and execution for clients to build powerful events that speak to their target audience. From launch parties, anniversary celebrations, VIP brunches, or holiday open houses, Events by AW is ready to bring your concept to reality.


Events by AW: Originals

Are you in a social rut? Hang with us as we explore Washington, DC and all it has to offer. One-of-kind dinners, festivals, book clubs, girl’s night outs, hikes, the Annual Summer Soiree, and much more - there’s something for everyone! Meeting new, incredible women guaranteed.

For any event that involves bringing people together, Aysia is the person you want – she’s organized, warm, gregarious, and all around a great people person. I can tell that creating events is truly one of her passions and something she genuinely loves doing.
— Caroline Z., @cczhang16