Write It Down and Read It Up


I’m about to say something really obvious here. Starting a business from the ground up is, you guessed it, hard.  Thoughts sprint through my mind constantly about what needs to get done, how to grow, and planning ahead. Trying to manage these thoughts so they don’t detrimentally consume my life while at my actual 9-5  job is, you guessed it, even harder.

During times like these, when my mind is running on overdrive and not even a glass of wine and a good film (I started watching Dior and I... but I couldn’t focus on the subtitles) can fix it, I turn to books. I find that books are one of the few things in my life that can easily relax me. Perhaps it’s the combination of my having no choice but to give my undivided attention to a book and also, there’s just something soothing about words on a paper page. No buttons, no screen, just paper and ink.

Anyway, I decided to write this quick post to share with you all the books that are keeping my mind straight. On the left is Hands Free Life by Rachel Macy Stafford – it was gifted to me thoughtfully by my lovely boyfriend. It’s a calming, feel good book about how to live your best life without distraction (Can I get an “Amen?!”). Only thing is that it’s aimed at mothers managing their families… I’m definitely not there yet, but the messages are easily transferable to those without children as well! Next is The Langston Hughes Reader, which is a compilation of my beloved Langston Hughes’ writing. Whenever I need some dramatic and romantic literary juices in my life, this is my go-to. Disclaimer: some of the poems are serious tear-jerkers. Finally is How to Relax by the one and only Thich Nhat Hanh, respected Vietnamese Buddhist monk. The pocket-sized book is full of short mantras, lessons, and teachings on how to find peace in life’s daily happenings. From tips on breathing exercises to advice on positive thinking, this book is one I think everyone should have on their bedside table.

I’m enjoying them. Check them out. Hopefully, these books can do for you what they do for me.

Until next time,

Aysia xx