Intern Guest Post: How To Grow Pinterest to 100K Monthly Viewers & Start Making Money in One Month

By Jodie Lian

Pinterest has always been one of my favorite tools to garner new ideas and explore the creative side of myself. As Aysia’s social media intern, I put a lot of work into the brand Pinterest page! To see the constant growth in followers, monthly viewers, and overall engagement is truly rewarding.  First, we owe much of our success to Winnie Olive Co., a social media consultancy run by Maya Fleming. Knowing there had to be strategies we weren’t yet tapping into, we had an hour-long video chat with Maya and learned the logistics and basics about Pinterest as a marketing tool, amongst other useful information.

I followed her very simple tips, and those basic ideas have proven to take the page long way. I’ve heard through the grapevine that quite a few people expressed they were curious about how we were growing the page, so I figured, why not write a blog post about it?

Wondering why Pinterest is important?  How can you boost your Pinterest Boards? How to begin making money from Pinterest? I’m here to answer your questions. Pinterest is platform with one of the fastest growing users bases in the entire world. It can be a great way to direct traffic to other social media platforms, test where you think your industry could grow, and simply get more eyes to your corner of the world. Almost every large business has a board filled with trendy aesthetics and useful tips that help guide your everyday life.


Here are Six Rules of Thumb to Grow your Pinterest Account:


Automated Scheduling with Tailwind

To be honest with you, I was reluctant to use Tailwind in the beginning. I had a hard time navigating through it all since there were many buttons and I was so lost. I soon bumped into problems, such as not knowing when followers will be most active or running out of boards to repin from. Turned out, I REALLY needed Tailwind even when I didn’t realize it. I decided to give Tailwind another try, and we updated it to the premium version. WOW, that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It gives you so many insights on where you are with engagement, thus how you should focus your account. You can see the performance of each pin. It allows you to schedule a ton of pictures every day that fit your aesthetic. Every morning when I check the performance of previous pins, I always receive tons of notifications regarding growing engagement and repins from other users.

The Power of Canva

Canva is another one of my favorites. We use Canva to create custom pins that link directly to Aysia’s blog posts.  I discovered Canva when I tried to start a YouTube channel. I went through a lot of phases on the creative end (hahaha!). I am so glad I did. Canva provides tons of templates that are so beautiful. There are pre-designed YouTube thumbnails, Pinterest Covers, Instagram Posts, and anything you can name honestly! Most importantly, Canva is EXTREMELY FUN. For someone who cannot draw very well, this is a hugely entertaining outlet for me. There are hundreds of fonts you can choose from and countless images you can base your design on. You can also upload your own pictures if nothing on there works for you.

Both Canva and Tailwind are so important when it comes to posting original content as well as repinning!

P.S. Post as much original content as you can. At the end of the day, people really want to get to know YOU as a person.



I genuinely love Pinterest because it is just so beautiful and relaxing to look at. I can always discover some really cool bloggers on there. Posting frequently not only boosts your presence on Pinterest, but it also helps you increase your engagement.

Consistent style means you have to have a similar theme among you boards. If you love all things Bohemian, all your boards should carry that similar “vibe.” They don’t have to be the same, but they have to exhibit similar central color themes. When other pinners view your page, it will increase the likelihood for them to follow you because of how “put-together” your boards look!


This is another very important factor. Your board names need to reflect your business in some way and it needs to be uniquely YOU. There are tons of lifestyle bloggers pinning similar things as, so how can you make your board different than other people’s? One way of differentiating yourself can be adding your business name in each board (e.g "Fashion // Aysia Woods") This way, people know they are not just following another random fashion page.

Board names should also be very straightforward and easy to understand. If you have a board dedicated to home decor, you can simply name it "Home Decor" and add a creative twist to it. But don't get too creative to the point where other pinners need to spend 10 minutes trying to figure out your board content. Have fun with board names, but keep them simple and self-explanatory!


This might be my golden rule for witnessing exponential growth in Pinterest engagement. Tailwind also helps with finding really great recommendations. They will recommend some of the most popular Pinterest accounts and makes sure those pins fit your aesthetics. Some of my favorite accounts to repin from include The Every Girl, My Domaine, Sunday Chapter, and Who What Wear, etc.

Pinning from these accounts will draw their followers to your board, increasing your engagement and presence on Pinterest. Plus, they just have such quality pins that you will not want to miss!

5. MAGIC LINKS ($$$)

As the name suggests, these links are truly magical. Magic Links is an affiliate marketing program, which is how you can make money from your Pinterest page. In collaboration with Magic Links' retail partners, Magic Links generates specific links that lead your viewers directly to a specific purchasable item. If the viewer ends up clicking or purchasing through clicking on your link (not all affiliate programs pay for both ways, but ML does!), then you get a certain percent of commission.

Affiliate programs like Magic Links can be an useful revenue stream for anyone! With some research and dedication, everyone can do it. Magic Links also provides analytics, so you can track which retail websites had the most clicks and where your money is coming from. Easy navigation, quick results, and detailed analytics are some of the greatest benefits of Magic Links!


This is the ultimate goal and reason you should be on Pinterest! Even though it is a business tool and a marketing platform, at the end of the day, it is a place where people share their greatest ideas and showcase their creativity.  I love Pinterest because it has given me tips from simple things like meditation to motivation tips. When used in the right way, it is a platform for personal growth as well as business growth! Don’t think of it as a duty or burden, it is one of the social platforms where you can explore as much as you want and get inspired!

I know this was A LOT, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask away in the comments below :)