“I’m getting a lot of high notes…”

07 high notes.jpg

When you hear adjectives like “complex,” “earthy, or “floral” 57 times in thirty minutes, chances are you’re tasting wine or smelling perfume. In my case, it was the latter! This weekend, I attended a botanical perfume blending class at The Lemon Bowl and it was, safe to say, one of the most fascinating, luxurious, and interestingly romantic thing I’ve ever done in all the short 22 years of my life.

Since I declared 2016 the year of doing things (see, I really declared it!) and tapping into my unexplored interests, when I heard about this class I instantly bought a ticket and didn’t even grab my phone to ask anyone to go with me. That’s how committed I was.

07 high notes 3.jpg

The class was fascinating and luxurious for obvious reasons, but I quickly want to explain why I found the perfume blending class seriously romantic.

It was like I was on a date with myself. Please don’t laugh too much. But, it really was!

Perfume and scent in general is so personal. Notes of jasmine or ylang ylang or vetiver can evoke different emotions and smell completely different from one person’s nose to the next. All seven young women in the class and I spent an hour sniffing in memories. One lady said patchouli grossly reminded her of her freshman dorm room, another that myrrh made her think of an ex-boyfriend, someone that pink grapefruit triggers thoughts of summer mornings.

With each note blended, we crafted our ideal scent – one that was pleasurable, pulls on the heartstrings in the best way, and would make us feel amazing. If that’s not the best kind of date there is, then I don’t know what is.

Anyways! I’m in love with the scent I made. It’s rosey, but not a light, easy rose. It’s rosey with a darker, deeper story. The botanicals I used were sandalwood, rose, rose geranium, clary sage, bois de rose, and black pepper.

It was certainly a Sunday afternoon very well-spent.

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