Ebonè McCloud, Sharing Energy with Good Thoughts Tea Company


My journey began over a decade ago in my grandmother’s kitchen. My ma ma, as I call her, used to make a sweet tea out of Lipton every couple of weeks. It intrigued me so much that my love for tea began. I would buy boxes and boxes of tea every month and soon started a collection. A cup of tea (or three) kept the good energy flowing inside me. Fast forward years later, my sisterfriend and I were sitting in her artist studio and I said, “I just want to share a piece of myself with the world.”

That’s when she deliberately and purposefully said, “You should make tea!” I knew not even the first thing about making tea from scratch but something inside of me knew otherwise. A few days later, I had my first blend and three others followed it. It nearly sold out at our very first event. That’s when I knew that this was something magical, something that felt like home. It felt so right. I could share my energy with others and in turn, receive pieces of theirs as well.

I have been working diligently on Good Thoughts Tea Company for a year and a half now. Within that time, I have moved to Washington DC from my hometown of Chicago and have found that my tea making is my daily reminder that my passion is right at my fingertips, literally. It is part of a bigger purpose as to why I am here on this earth plane at this time.


Making teas is more than just a business venture or a hobby. For me, it is therapy, art, my personal journal that people can read by steeping the selected herbs in their cups. It has been journeying with me through one of the biggest transitions of my life and will continue to grow as I do. All of the teas are centered around healing properties. The main focus behind the company is to heal from the inside out. I wanted to bring back the experience of having conversations and sharing stories and energy over tea.

Being a tea maker has opened the doors for me to meet other brilliant creators all over the country. I am able to share what I love with so many people and give and receive support in ways that I didn’t even think possible. To me, it is all about the love behind what we as creators do. I want everyone to feel those great vibes that live inside every jar of tea. I want people to feel joy in every sip, even if only for that moment. That’s what Good Thoughts Tea Company is all about. It’s about being back home in yourself. Welcome home.


Written by: Eboné McCloud