2017, Come and Gone.


I want to start by staying “thank you.” Thank you to my dearest friends, family, clients, collaborators, Instagram family, Art of the Journey ladies, motivators and good people. Please know that I appreciate your presence in my life deeply. Without people, I couldn’t call myself a Professional People-Gatherer and genuinely don’t know what I would be doing right now. You mean everything to me.

2017 was a year of work in many aspects of my life – especially career, personal, and mental. I’ve honed in, tested, defined, built myself a foundation, and [wo]maaaaan I’m so proud of myself. Make no mistake that behind this playful person is a lot of serious intensity and discipline that’s gotten me here. I don’t want this post too rambling and overly deep, but more of a quick window into my year for you all and a benchmark for myself to look back on in the future. Leave me questions/comments about anything you’d like me to elaborate on because I’m absolutely happy to do so! Let’s get into it, shall we?

Special 2017 moments to remember:

  • Launching my website and introducing Events By AW
  • My parents moving from PA to Savannah, Georgia = a new family home for me
  • The sweetest Valentine’s Day dinner at Sfoglina
  • Every “aha!” moment that helped me sharpen my vision
  • The Art of the Journey Summer Soiree
  • Getting those first contracts signed
  • Mom coming to DC and our Zaytina dinner
  • Marv & I celebrating our anniversary in Brooklyn
  • Working with an assistant for the first time
  • Visiting my best friends in Philly
  • Halloween as J.Lo & Puff (NEVER FORGET)
  • Thanksgiving in VA with my entire family for the first time in years
  • Anytime someone reached out to learn/hear from me
  • Marv & I hosting our first annual Christmas party
  • The loveliest, grown-up Christmas Day

2017 has taught me that:

  • I can’t control the crazy world, but I can control my outlook and sensitive soul.
  • Consistency will always yield positive results.
  • An anxiety-ridden mind can and will manifest itself physically in my body.
  • Creating my own unique career path is possible.
  • People will let me down, but that’s part of life.
  • Change is inevitable and beautiful.
  • Not everyone will or is meant to understand and that’s fine.

These lists are honestly just as concise and focused as my year has truly been! I’m still thinking about my specific goals for 2018, but I know it’s going to be another beautiful, wild year. This is just the beginning. Trust me. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year! Cheers, prepare to give ’em hell, and thank you again. See you in 2018!