Aysia Woods

… is a creator by nature, entrepreneur by heart, and anthropologist by training. As an event consultant and community organizer, she works to unite people and expose them to beautiful experiences.

Growing up in a family of business-savvy pioneers and artists in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Aysia always knew that owning a business was her calling. Having dabbled in fashion marketing classes, redesigning her parents’ jewelry boutique, and obsessively reading National Geographic magazines, you could say that her interests were scattered.

In 2015, Aysia graduated with a B.A. in sociocultural anthropology from The George Washington University. Anthropology was the perfect discipline for her curious nature and helped Aysia discover that people were common thread of her seemingly disparate passions.

Through organizing a business conference for 350+ attendees, interning at publications and cultural institutions, and a solid dose of international adventure, Aysia developed a niche for connecting people and creating moments. She connected old friends to new friends over beautiful dinners; visitors to the tourist-free neighborhoods of DC; and new ideas to new audiences through captivating discussion. She’d found her “thing” and figured out a way to turn it into her career.

She is the founder of Events by AW, where she hosts original events and consults with corporate clients.

Having worked with events for nearly a decade, she understands what captivates people. In today’s age, togetherness is more powerful and needed than ever. This is her little way of contributing.

@aysiawoods on Instagram